Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Domestic Violence Coalition Annual Conference

Recognizing, Addressing, and Assessing: 
GLBT Communities and Domestic Violence

March 7–8, 2013

LOCATION: Fenway Health
1340 Boylston Street
Boston, MA

Past and proposed workshops include:

DAY 1: Recognizing: LGBT Communities and Their Needs

Workshops Include: LGBQ/T 101, Transgender 201, LGBQ/T Communities, Faith, and Spirituality, Working with LGBQ/T Youth, Working with LGBQ/T People of Color, Immigration and LGBQ/T Communities S/M is not Abuse

DAY 2: Addressing and Assessing: Domestic Violence in LGBQ/T Relationships

Workshops include: Issues in LGBQ/T Domestic Violence, Learning to Assess-Who is the Abuser and Who is the Survivor, Why Screen, How to Screen, Practice Screening, Meeting the Needs of LGBQ/T Survivors of Color